I have been catching up on other people that have come to the realization;

And one thing I think we all have in common is the understanding of what it means to know, intellectually, and knowing things after you have realized. Or the “ignorant” knowing, what I would class “opinion”.

Alan Watts said it best:

Genuine love comes from knowledge, not from a sense of duty or guilt.

Watts, Alan W. (2011-09-28). The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (p. 21). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Telling someone why they should not eat horrible food, or be bigoted toward gay, black, asian people, etc is not enough. ¬†In effect you force a person to accept a point of view without explaining “why” they should not be a bigot.

There are different reasons, understanding of DNA, our ancestors, how sexuality works and the inane dislike of anything not “straight”, regardless of why it occurs.

People need to be educated on the facts, and as they meet people, those facts will, over time, be internalized.  Otherwise, ignorance will take root, and create a wrong understanding of what is.